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Yuri wants to speak to Chapo about the word of the non-drug Lord


Yuri wants to speak to Chapo about the word of the non-drug Lord

While promoting a new tour on Telemundo’s Suelta la Sopa, Yuri, the popular Mexican singer, said she would be willing to take the word of the Lord to Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán all the way to Almoloya, the maximum security prison where Joaquín is being held:

I would like to take this word of hope to this character, Chapo. Why not? His mother is Christian. If God opens the doors of Almoloya, I would speak to him about the word of God.

Yes, Yuri — I’m all about this! Since Chapo was allowed to have more friends and sex than most us while being was locked up, having you nag to him about Jesus will be like us getting some citizen’s retribution. Dude’s gonna hate it.

Mind you, Joaquín wouldn’t be the first drug lord Yuri has badgered:

I’m not afraid. I already did it with (Rafael) Caro Quientero, with the Arellano Félix — why wouldn’t I do it with him?

Life is strange that way, kids. One day you’re a tough-ass, world-feared drug lord who lives an insanely debaucherous life, and next day Yuri is singing her terrible Christian ranchera songs right in your face. It really makes you think.

Though, given the opportunity, I would like to ask Yuri if there’s ever been a time when she felt threatened while meeting these dangerous men, and if she busted out “Hombres al borde de un ataque” [men on the verge of an attack] to call the attention of the guards.

Here’s the Suelta la Sopa interview with Yuri:



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