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My Problem with #DumpTrump


My Problem with #DumpTrump

My problem with the campaign to get Donald Trump off the November 7 edition of Saturday Night Live is not that I don’t despise the buffoon.

His words against Mexican immigrants –and immigrants in general– were absolutely unacceptable.

Just to make myself absolutely clear: fuck you, Trump. I hope you spend all your dirty money on your campaign before you end up losing the primaries, and then you go back to developing ugly buildings for people with no taste.

My point is different: why do we Latinos care about SNL, a show that hasn’t been funny in ages and that has never been a bastion of tolerance or liberalism? A show that has been repeatedly offensive to Latinos with a cast that is not even close to being representative of the racial composition of this country? Why do we look up to it as if it were the standard for something? Is it our colonized mentality telling us that we should find it funny because we’re supposed to?

More to the point: why don’t we use the big favor that Trump has done for us, uniting us against his racist words, in order to form a larger coalition, or to protest the fact that he is actually running for President (you know, something more important than a dated sketch show)? Why don’t we use this momentum to actually find a real political leader that can speak for all Latinos?

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: it would be a small but clear victory to force NBC to take Trump off the show. It’s something we can actually achieve.

But we should be way beyond small victories. We should be thinking big.

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