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Ricky Martin’s hotel room has gross carpeting, but it’s great for nudes



Yesterday Ricky Martin published a picture, which shows him nude, in what appears to be a Motel 6, a fine establishment where only the best hookers get banged. This photo appears to be part of the intro to Ricky’s show in Las Vegas, where he’s been performing for months. His followers don’t get to see his pecker, because that would turn art into smut, but they do get to see him breakdancing and working out on the gross carpet:

Stars! They’re just like us, getting naked for strangers in gross places. (By “us,” I mean sexually active people on sketchy dating apps.)

The photo is titillating, yes. But, as always, user comments make the viewing experience truly engaging. For example, check out the fans who still refuse to make peace with Ricky’s sexuality.

It’s a “waste” of a man, they say:

“What a waste of a man, really”

“What a waste”

The hunger pangs among Martin’s fans, which are mostly women, are very real:

“That man was created so that a woman can eat him entirely, not a damn man”

Most of the comments on Ricky’s photo are positive, which is good. But this serves as a reminder that plenty of Latinas, and not just men, still have a way to go when it comes to their acceptance of alternative lifestyles.


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  • Sandra Trevino

    I accept him just the way he is. <3 #swoon (But I'm not necessarily going to listen to his music.) Is this bad?

  • It’s actually the most sensible thing you can do, since his music suuucks.


Radio interview: Rictus talks reggaeton, its commercialization, and Maluma’s ample hips




Rictus is making waves, kids. That’s why a few days ago I was invited to speak a bunch of nonsense on LO MÁS, a radio show hosted by Carlos Celis on Mexico City’s Image Radio 90.5 fm.

Pictured: Carlos Celis

Carlos is a label owner and well-known journalist with bylines Rolling Stone, among other many other publications. We engaged in a fun conversation about reggaeton’s popularity, it’s commercialization, sanitation, the repressed sexuality of musical Latin America, rappers in drag, and Maluma’s ample hips, which definitely don’t lie:

Maluma performing @ Dolce &Gabbana fashion show in January, 2018.

The interview is in Spanish, but, if you haven’t done so already, you may want to read two Rictus articles before cue up the audio because the conversation is centered around these: 1) Why 6 of YouTube’s top 10 music videos of 2017 are in Spanish, explained, and 2) Hate reggaeton? You’re probably racist. It’s all you listen to? You may have terrible taste in music.

Ready? Listen up:


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Ana Gabriel, the Mexican singer: “I’m better off being asexual, just like the angels”




Keeping up with my coverage of vintage popstars only your tía and I care about, Ana Gabriel, one of the best selling Mexican singer-songwriters, finally opened up about her sexual orientation — sorta.

It’s nobody’s business, really, but since she often wears Hillary Clinton-like pantsuits, has never publicly been seen with a significant other, and has a deep, raspy voice, curiosity over Ana Gabriel’s sexuality have been floating around for decades.

Certain ambiguously-worded songs from her beloved catalog, such as “Simplemente amigos,” are some of the best-known gay torch songs in Latin American.

It’s all in the lyrics:

“There’s not much we can reveal to others, other than ‘we’re only friends and little else.’ Yet, nobody really knows what happens between us after we feign our goodbyes. I’d give anything to make our love known; to tell them we love each other uncontrollably behind closed doors. We wake up holding each other, and with a desire to keep loving one another, but the reality is that they’ll never accept our love.”

Ana Gabriel could be talking about her gardener, but it’s easy to see why such obscure lyricism would resonate with old-school gay audiences, many of whom grew up in largely homophobic Latin American countries.

But in October of 2015, while performing in Monterrey, Mexico, Ana openly addressed the old hearsay — somewhat awkwardly —and told her fans she considers herself “asexual.”

She also used the word “umbrella” as a double entendre, for some confusing reason:

“Why do they always ask the same question? They have not seen me with a man, but also not with a woman. At this age I have to nab someone older and without an umbrella. That way I’ll be turned around. I’m better off being asexual, just like the angels.”

For those of you interested in decoding the full message, someone caught the last part of Gabriel’s proclamation on video (FYI: the audio is super shitty).

Ana Gabriel deserves our collective respect not just because she’s a talented singer and a songwriter, but because she’s made an impressive career based solely on her talent, and not on her looks. In macho Latin America, that kind of thing is unheard of — especially for women (just ask Amandititita).

Now, enjoy this amazing melodramatic video, a favorite of many dragqueens, Latina tías, and Yours Truly (I’m a combination of both dragqueen and Latina tía):

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