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Ricky Martin says he’s willing to have sex with women because that’s how he sells records


Ricky Martin says he’s willing to have sex with women because that’s how he sells records

Ricky Martin is no stranger to manipulating women’s feelings. After all, his career has been almost entirely dependent on the female gender; ever since his dealings Menudo, Alcanzar Una Estrella, Muñecos de Papel, General Hospital, his solo records, and up to his “relationship” with Rebecca De Alba (seen above).

I know what you’re thinking: “society was not as accepting of alternative lifestyles back then, so Martin had no choice but to remain in the closet until he did.” Well, if Ricky wanted to continue making tons of cash, then yes, he had no choice. But, truthfully, the world-famous Boricua could have come out at any time, and it would have been especially potent if he’d done so in the late ’90s, early ’00s, right when his star burned the brightest.

But he didn’t. Ricky came out in 2010, right after his last two records flopped and he desperately needed a career boost. That’s when Martin formally told the world he was gay, released the pretentiously-titled Musica+Alma+Sexo LP, and wrote a biography. All perfectly timed while nonchalantly playing the “I just couldn’t hold it in anymore” card.

That’s fine. Being a famous pop star shouldn’t automatically make you a role model to anyone, or even a defender any type of cause or injustice (although for many it’s unavoidable). But after coming out, Ricky did go full pro-gay, and has continued to politicize his status as a gay influence (last weekend Ricky aligned himself with Clinton through a group called “LGBT for Hillary”).

Here’s a curious detail: after releasing Musica+Alma+Sexo and freshly minting himself as a proud homosexual, Ricky dropped the single “Frio,” a collaboration with Wisin & Yandel, two sexist and macho reggaetoneros. A little contradictory on behalf of Martin’s newfound politics, right? But Wisin & Yandel were very popular back then, so the association made more sense to Ricky than being consistent. While on the subject, let’s point out the fact that the protagonists of the “Frio” video are Ricky, the metrosexual reggaetoneros, and not some hot muscular man, but a mysteriously beautiful woman. Why? Because, again, Ricky’s career has always been dependent on the insinuation that, if you’re a woman, you may have a chance to score with Martin.

The illusion cannot — will not — be broken, people.

Which is why Ricky is now telling Fama magazine that, although he considers himself a gay man, would be willing to have sex with women because #recordsales:

“I am gay, men fascinate me, but I like to enjoy sex in total freedom, so I’m open to having sex with a woman if I feel desire,” said Martin.

But don’t get too excited, ladies, since Ricky will never take you emotionally seriously. He’ll probably just piss all over your face before sending you on your way because men will always be Martin’s “thing”:

Despite being open to sexual encounters with women, he specified that would not take it further. “Men are my thing,” he said, when explaining why he wouldn’t enter a relationship with a woman.


My advice: if you still want a hot Boricua papí, you should work on breaking up Chayanne and his wife of a million years because that dude will be in it for the long run.


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