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Mick Jagger is a shitty, passive-aggressive friend


Mick Jagger is a shitty, passive-aggressive friend

In a new piece published by Rolling Stone earlier this week, Mick Jagger expressed himself over the loss of his friend David Bowie. Turns out Jagger is kind of a shitty, passive-aggressive friend because, instead of just saying nice things about Bowie, Mick sprinkled his eulogy with all sorts of backhanded compliments:

I remember him playing me different mixes of “Jean Genie,” which was really kind of Stones-y, in a way.

It’s really not, Jagger. But let’s continue:

He’d always look at my clothes labels. When he would see me, he’d give me a hug, and I could feel him going up behind the collar of my shirt to see what I was wearing.

I see an envious troll and I want to give him a smack.

And what about this gem:

He used to copy me sometimes, but he’d be very honest about it. If he took one of your moves, he’d say, ‘That’s one of yours — I just tried it.’


That’s some wild horseshit, Mick.

Apparently David never had ideas of his own and Jagger always beat Bowie to everything (“He bought a house in Mustique, where I have a place”), but, to be fair, Mick did say some kind words for his deceased friend throughout the piece (“He had a chameleon-like ability to take on any genre, always with a unique take, musically and lyrically.”)

Hey, um, God. If you’re up there, you took the wrong one.

Alas, the world will never forget — even if we desperately want to — the famously horrible collaboration Bowie and Jagger did in the ’80s, which many people always defend by reminding everyone it was done for charity:


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