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Televisa is officially canceling Laura Bozzo’s show


Televisa is officially canceling Laura Bozzo’s show

Closely followed by La Rosa de Guadalupe, Laura Bozzo’s talk show is probably the most hated show on Televisa’s roster, which by extension is also Univision’s roster (Televisa owns part of Univision and they share most of their programming). The hatred of Bozzo has gotten so bad that the Mexican government recently began investigating the Peruvian host after being accused of exploiting minors. Now, according to this official press release, Televisa decided to cancel Laura, Bozzo’s show:

The last emission of the show Laura, which as been transmitted on Televisa’s Channel 2 since the 24th of January, 2011, will be broadcast on the 31st of December.

But before you bust out that celebratory tequila you’ve been hiding under your work desk, you should know there’s a catch: Bozzo, who recently signed a contract extension with Televisa, is being taken off the air because she’s “reinventing the concept of her production,” meaning she could soon be back on television with another equally-terrible show. After all, Laura is the Charlton Heston of trash talk shows, and she has no intention of leaving Televisa unless her set is pried away from her cold, dead hands:

Laura Bozzo defended her tenure at the largest channel in Latin America during a radio interview: ‘I’ll be in Televisa until the last day of my life. The only way I’ll leave that station is in a coffin. What I have with Televisa is a religious marriage: until death do us part,’ said Bozzo.

That’s fucking hardcore, Laura.

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