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John Oliver has the perfect solution to our collective Donald Trump problem


John Oliver has the perfect solution to our collective Donald Trump problem

Ever since Donald Trump made those infamous statements about Mexicans, my Facebook feed has been cluttered with outraged comments, news links, videos, and memes bearing his name. In any given day over the last summer, my feed’s content usually went something like this: Trump, Peña Nieto, Trump, new Netflix flow I’ve never seen, Trump, Thalia/Soraya memes, Trump, baby picture, Angelica Rivera, baby picture (lots of my girlfriends got knocked up last year), Trumps hair, Jorge Ramos, Bernie Sanders, Jorge Ramos, Fey song (many of my friends are nostalgic ’90s gays), Trump.

Granted, my feed pattern makes sense because I’m Mexican, just like half of my friend list, and hating Trump — with good reason, of course — has been everyone’s favorite hobby these last months. But you know what? The best way to get rid of a troll — especially one of Trump’s caliber — is not to speak of him. John Oliver, the Last Week Tonight host, knows this:

‘I couldn’t give less of a shit,’ Oliver tells Colbert when asked about Trump. There are better things for him to talk about, he says, like the plight of public defenders, or LGBT discrimination, or food waste.

Here’s a clip:

While I completely understand why people would be outraged over any type of bigoted comments, such as the ones Trump, Bill O’reilly, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh seem to make on the hour, there comes a point when ignoring a trollish asshole is simply the best way to deal with them. This should be especially observed by public figures with influential platforms, such as Jorge Ramos.

Speaking of Ramos, lately everyone has been jumping on the Jorge love train after he stood up to Donald Trump. While doing such a thing is certainly commendable, Jorge should also be careful not to give attention to the likes of Ann Coulter, a mad as a hatter crazy, by inviting them to their shows.

I know what you’re thinking: Jorge asked Ann to his show in order to debunk her famously-insane rants, and to persuade her see reason through an intelligent, logical chat. Newsflash: that’s never going to happen. People like Coulter — and all her sympathizers — are intolerant extremists, and they’re way past the point of no return. Putting them on television always makes for great entertainment, sure, but time and effort would be better spent trying to win over those in the middle, not the ones so far to right that they’re practically out of periphery.

jorge ramos trumpBut this is also a good time to bring up the subversive usefulness of the Donald Trump Circus, aka his bid to become president. As Frank Rich recently wrote,  instead of destroying our democracy, Trump has been essential to underlining everything that’s wrong with the American electoral process and democracy in general:

In the short time since Trump declared his candidacy, he has performed a public service by exposing, however crudely and at times inadvertently, the posturings of both the Republicans and the Democrats and the foolishness and obsolescence of much of the political culture they share. He is, as many say, making a mockery of the entire political process with his bull-in-a-china-shop antics. But the mockery in this case may be overdue, highly warranted, and ultimately a spur to reform rather than the crime against civic order that has scandalized those who see him, in the words of the former George W. Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, as ‘dangerous to democracy.’

So when life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Just just leave them in the bag the came in. Forget them.



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