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First preview of the Disney-produced Juan Gabriel series has surfaced


First preview of the Disney-produced Juan Gabriel series has surfaced

Rumors that Disney was working on a series based on Juan Gabriel’s life have been circulating the lavadero — that’s where gossipy Latina women divulge all sorts of chismessince last year:

The dramatic emission, which will have 13 episodes and is based on unpublished testimonials, will retrace the steps of Alberto Aguilera Valadez (Juan Gabriel’s real name) as he worked to accomplish his dream of becoming famous.

I had quite the dramatic emission myself when I found out this series was even a thing, and, after watching the “first exclusive footage” scored by Ventaneando (it’s not, but I’ll get to that), I may just have another:

Is that the amazing María Rojo playing Juan Gabriel’s mom? Nice.

I still can’t tell who’s playing Juan Gabriel and the series’ IMDB is not helping, so if any of you know, please drop it in the comments.

A few observations: this 13-chapter-long telenovela appears to be based on Juan Gabriel’s official biography — which is pretty good, BTW — and not “unpublished testimonials.” Also, the first teaser of the series has been floating around Youtube since last year, but what Ventaneando scored is more footage. Here’s the previous trailer:

In the US we’ll be able to watch Hasta que te conoci on Telemundo when it’s finally released. I couldn’t find a release date — not even on Telemundo’s official twitter for the series, which looks severely neglected — but since the whole thing appears to be done, hopefully we’ll be able to watch this it soon.


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