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New biography claims Don Francisco has been banging La Cuatro for 25 years


New biography claims Don Francisco has been banging La Cuatro for 25 years

According to an upcoming unauthorized biography by Chilean journalist Laura Landaeta, Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld, AKA the man who ruined watching television on Saturday night for literally half a century Don Francisco, continues to have an adulterous, hot, sizzling, salchicha gigante relationship with La Cuatro, one of the most annoying characters on his infamous show, which used to be played by Gloria Benavides.

Landeta, whose book will drop in February, claims the scandalous romance has been going on for over twenty-five years — basically ever since Don Francisco relocated Gloria to the US — and Mario’s wife, Teresa Muchnik, is fully aware of the ordeal.

Could it be? Listen, José and Yours Truly have spoken quite a lot about Don Francisco, Sábado Gigante, and, for better or worse, its impact on the Latino community at large, but that’s serious adult stuff, and this is just silly, fun gossip (well, fun for us, but probably not fun for Don Francisco and his wife).

In the video below, produced by a gossipy Chilean television show, civilians, reporters, commentators, and just about everyone weighs in on the credibility of this chisme. Almost everyone decries the fact that the biography is unauthorized, and also the fact that Landeta never cites sources which, of course, is journalism 101.

However, at the 7:35 mark, one woman in the show’s panel highlights and interesting point:

I’m not saying that Laura is of my liking in any way because she’s a woman who speaks without referencing sources — in her book about Cecilia Bolocco she never cited sources — just like with this book. But I have to ask: in this country, who would dare to say anything about Don Francisco? That is, anything that’s not to his liking.

I, too, don’t believe Don Francisco has been having a 25-year-old affair with La Cuatro. But a shorter affair? Since Mario has been accused of sexual misconduct by a former Sábado Gigante model — whom he paid off — I definitely wouldn’t put it beneath him.

Here’s the scandal in full:



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