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Only those crazy millennials at Univision would consider this video to be “controversial”


Only those crazy millennials at Univision would consider this video to be “controversial”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but our sources are starting to say that there’s a new thing called the «Internets» that will end up replacing, like, your TV and, like, even your newspaper. But hey, if you’re not digitally savvy (my girlfriend told me to write that), don’t worry: Univision is on it! And they have those crazy, hot, young millennials (like you) in mind!

Awesome, you say. But how?

Well, in September, the ever-expanding network launched Edición Digital, an “innovative” noon newscast that is broadcast simultaneously through your abuela’s TV and that new thing we mentioned above. The news show, conducted by journalists Carolina Sarassa and Javier Olivares, a guy with a style so “unconventional” and “dynamic” that he loves to wear suspenders like gramps Larry King. Crazy!


Even crazier is the fact that this young duo reports heavily on new digital phenomena (“from ‘trending topics’ in social networks to videos that go viral every day”), and in doing so they use these things my younger brother calls «hashtags».

Such a “bold” proposal can only stir things up in Latino media, right?

Take, for instance a recent segment on Miami comedy duo Los Pichy Boys. The Cuban-born comedians reacted to Fidel Castro’s death with a seriously unfunny video, which includes fainting and the overdubbing of Raúl Castro’s announcement of his brother’s passing with a joke of… turkey and Thanksgiving!



You’d think that a couple of Castro-obsessed comedians would have had more than a few years to prepare infinite good jokes for his death, but we got a he-choked-with-turkey one.


Anyway, this wouldn’t have been so pathetic if the bold reporters of Edición Digital didn’t consider the skit to be “#controversial.”





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