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One Hundred Cool Latinos: #100 Dolores Huerta


One Hundred Cool Latinos: #100 Dolores Huerta

A very large print of this photo is right now hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington.

It was taken by Harvey Wilson Richards, a photographer who documented many protest movements in the 1960s during a California grape strike on September 24, 1965, and it’s a perfect point to start our very subjective yet completely necessary list of 100 cool Latinos.

That picture doesn’t need words, but if you want to read about the life and work of Dolores Huerta, how she went from school teacher to co-founding the National Farm Workers Association with César Chávez in 1962 and feminist leader, securing rights for workers and women, and making history along the way, you can start here. Or you can make your way to Washington before the exhibit ends in May.

You won’t regret it.

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