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Hugo Chávez & Donald Trump are basically the same person, says Krauze



Some people would say Donald Trump, a rich right winger, is the complete opposite of Hugo Chávez, the infamous leftists of once modest means. Other people, such as Mexican writer Enrique Krauze, believe they’re basically the same person because being on extreme ends of the opposite spectrum will eventually make a full circle (it’s, like, geometry 101, you dorks).

Krauze recently updated his book El poder y el delirio for the Spanish market (he added a new prologue, cut a few edits here and there), but he’s basically taking advantage of Trump’s current popularity in order to remake his point on Hugo Chávez, the main subject of El poder y el delirio, and any other political figure who may fit the the bill:

The phenomenon is happening right in front of our eyes: a charismatic leader’s attraction is equal or above any margin of ideology. It happens in the left, it happens in the right.

Enrique basically calls both Trump and Chávez delirious false prophets of the populist kind:

Nobody thinks that Trump has a leftist molecule in his veins, just like no one bands Chávez and Maduro as characters from the right. However, they closely resemble each other because of their demagogic use of the microphone, image, and because they promise the impossible and tell people what they want to hear.

Yes, people, it’s all about being a showman. Fuck “ideals” or whatever you think politics is really about. Politicians are here to give us a show, not to help anybody improve the quality of their life, or whatever nonsense you keep telling yourself.

enrique krauze el paisAh, and since Nicolás Maduro’s name is being dragged into this, Krauze is happy to underline something everyone already knows:

Maduro is not Chávez. The charisma was not transmitted. Chávez was not bloodthirsty, Maduro is. I do not think that Chávez would have imprisoned Leopoldo López or Ledezma; he was a smarter and more Machiavellian man, but in a good way.

Well, it’s pretty safe to say that a person doesn’t have to be pro or anti chavismo in order to agree with Krauze.

Read the entire interview with Enrique here.



Video: Carmen Yulín Cruz killed it on Colbert last night




Carmen Yulín Cruz, the current mayor or San Juan, Puerto Rico, was a guest on the The Late Show last night. Although I could have done without the salsa intro – where’s the reggaeton, damn it! – she killed it by reminding American viewers that La Isla del Encanto is still hurting.

“About 50% of the population still doesn’t have power, and that ones that do have, it’s very unstable.”

I have no idea what her politics are really about – liberal-leaning, assume, especially if she’s on Colbert – but it’s great to see an articulate Latina politician, especially one that’s serving a primarily Spanish-speaking Island, be on a national show. Carmen carried herself gracefully and, unlike Trump, who previously called Yulín a “nasty” woman, she never rambled carelessly.

Check out the interview below.

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No, the “Hispanic Superfan” of our orange overlord has not been deported



Kids, we know you get excited when terrible things happen to terrible people. It’s only human.

But no, Myriam Witcher, the Colombian-born fan of Donald Trump —oh, how innocent those times seem now, no?— has not been deported, in spite of what some dubious websites claim.

I'm the Queen of the World

Haven’t you read about the fake news epidemic, chusma? Which is not the same as the fake fake news epidemic. PLEASE.

(Also there is a vaccine for fake news: it’s called thinking. And reading trustworthy sites like this one.)

But I digress, yet again.

Myriam is alive and kicking. And you can see it for yourself if you track down her Twitter account, which has the amazing handle (what else?) @LocaForTrump.

If you follow her, thus becoming follower 733 at the time of this writing, you can take virtual part in the crazy adventures of such a fascinating personality. Like calling other immigrants, like herself, “nasty”:


Or see her engaging in constructive discussions that include insulting her contradictor with a vulva-looking steak:


Or even confusing cigars with “drugs”:



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Yuri wants to speak to Chapo about the word of the non-drug Lord




While promoting a new tour on Telemundo’s Suelta la Sopa, Yuri, the popular Mexican singer, said she would be willing to take the word of the Lord to Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán all the way to Almoloya, the maximum security prison where Joaquín is being held:

I would like to take this word of hope to this character, Chapo. Why not? His mother is Christian. If God opens the doors of Almoloya, I would speak to him about the word of God.

Yes, Yuri — I’m all about this! Since Chapo was allowed to have more friends and sex than most us while being was locked up, having you nag to him about Jesus will be like us getting some citizen’s retribution. Dude’s gonna hate it.

Mind you, Joaquín wouldn’t be the first drug lord Yuri has badgered:

I’m not afraid. I already did it with (Rafael) Caro Quientero, with the Arellano Félix — why wouldn’t I do it with him?

Life is strange that way, kids. One day you’re a tough-ass, world-feared drug lord who lives an insanely debaucherous life, and next day Yuri is singing her terrible Christian ranchera songs right in your face. It really makes you think.

Though, given the opportunity, I would like to ask Yuri if there’s ever been a time when she felt threatened while meeting these dangerous men, and if she busted out “Hombres al borde de un ataque” [men on the verge of an attack] to call the attention of the guards.

Here’s the Suelta la Sopa interview with Yuri:


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