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Carlos Santana can’t stop — won’t stop — pretending Maná doesn’t suck


Carlos Santana can’t stop — won’t stop — pretending Maná doesn’t suck

Sometimes you look at Santana’s face and it’s so obvious he’s hurting (in the picture above we can all hear him thinking “just shoot me right here in the lung so i’ll die instantly”). That’s because the poor man has been living with intense inner shame ever since the late ’90s.

You see, Carlos used to be cool — he made great music, played the right gigs, hung out with awesome people, etc — but, as José Manuel puts it, in order to avoid being shelved in the oldies section, in 1999 Santana released Supernatural, which became a huge hit, but not because it was a groundbreaking or exciting record, but because it featured some of the most bland and boring artists of the day, such as The Dave Matthews Band, Rob Thomas, and Maná.

Speaking of Maná, earlier this week Fher & Co. were awarded their own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame — FYI, David Spade and Judge Judy have their own star, so they really hand those out to just about everyone. During the event, Santana showed up to finish strangling any remaining shred of credibility he ever had, and also to make a horrible speech about how Maná has “light” and “essence” and other new age bullshit which always gives Fher and his fans a hard-on.

Kids, if rock ‘n roll has a soul then Fher & Carlos just sharted on it and left it for dead on the side of the road. But if you feel like cleansing your corporate rock aura while listening to Fher say “raza” over and over, here’s a video of the ordeal:



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